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A French Chocolaterie in the heart of Galway


Truffle, sister of the French bakery Le Petit Delice, is a Chocolaterie serving an incredible selection of indulgent fondants, fresh pastries and handmade treats right here in Galway. Counters are lined with just about every variety and flavour of chocolate imaginable from signature truffles perfect for nibbling to hazelnut hot chocolates for those colder days – whatever you go for, you’re guaranteed to be coming back for more.  The best part for all you Willy Wonka fans is the chocolate wall pouring real melted chocolate all day !



For all our hot chocolates we use single origin chocolate which means the chocolate is made from cocoa beans grown in a specific country, region or even a specific plantation (estate). It is due to the climate and soil, together with the techniques of cacao farming and harvesting, that origin chocolates each own a signature flavour profile. 

Our 72% dark chocolate from Venezuela, known as best in the world, makes the best classic hot chocolate. For the sweeter tooth, try our hazelnut milk hot chocolate made with 40% milk chocolate from Ghana with caramel notes. You could also try our coconut white chocolate or an iced chocolate drinks when the sunshine is out!

Chocolate DRINKS
" Forget love...
I'd rather fall in chocolate! "
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